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1、Profit return for sustainable development:
With the development and expansion of enterprises, with the improvement of brand awareness and reputation, packaging promotion of diversification and improvement of training services, priority with the proxy can bring rich rewards for your wise.
2、Regional exclusive agency right: 
In accordance with the provisions of the company will have a designated area of the exclusive agent of the designated area, can be arbitrarily in the region where the region needs to improve the sales network, a single large.
3、Your reliable supplier and distributor: 
The company has a good reputation, we adhere to the integrity of the business, cooperation and mutual benefit, and earnestly safeguard the interests of all distinguished dealers! This is our commitment, but also our philosophy!
4、Dominant development enterprise:
Company independent research and development of high power lithium battery monomer batteries capacity covers MAH to 50000mAh each capacity for some continuous discharge current of 20-100C, instantaneous discharge can be to the 300C, sales at most countries and regions including developed countries in Europe and the United States, the quality of the products through the CE, ISO9001 certification authority is the best choice for you!


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