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For the establishment of the quality of the products and service supervision mechanism, to ensure that the products in the effective use of the demand side, for customers to provide excellent products and quality service, do a good job in the work of after-sales service is our duty bound obligation, quality tracking service is our bounden responsibility. The company made the following commitments to the customer:
First, the enterprise quality management system requirements:
Quality policy: the market oriented, continuous improvement of management, quality products and services to meet the needs of different users is our company has always been relentless pursuit.
Quality objectives: product factory qualified rate 100%, product examination qualified rate is 98%; customer satisfaction 98%; qualified compliance rate to 100%.
Two, product manufacturing standards and quality assurance:
The company's products in strict accordance with the national standards of production, customers have special requirements according to customer requirements of production.
1, pre-sale: customer calls, letter, visit the warm reception, thoughtful service, the customer's technical problems to solve the technical problems to solve; when the customer has asked, can send technical personnel on-site assistance.
2, the sale: during the production of products, our company can invite the relevant technical personnel to our company for product details, including product data and product structure diagram and working principle. And the main inspection of the product is completed in the factory. Ensure strict accordance with the contract requirements, quality and quantity, on time delivery. The factory can provide the relevant inspection standards for customer confirmation.
3, after sales: in order to cooperate with the customer to do a good job of product after-sales service, maintenance and other service work, I plant in this solemn commitment to customers:
The performance of the products are in line with the state standards and the provisions of the relevant standards.
After the arrival of the product, the customer acceptance process, such as the appearance of the occasion of the contract requirements, the factory received a notice from the customer within 8 hours after the reply, processing.
The company has after-sales service purpose: "customer is limited, unlimited service!" For each user, to the quality of electricity to consult, recommend and use the product. If you receive customer complaints, you must reply within 24 hours, and ensure customer satisfaction.
4 in the correct installation and use conditions, there are quality problems as indeed the company product quality reasons, the company will be responsible for processing.
The guarantee period, the company will ensure good customer service work, the company needs to provide technical services. Need to replace the product, the company will promptly organize production, and the most favorable price to provide to the customer.
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